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About EPS

Wind of Change in Digital Transaction

Easy Payment System is an innovative payment solution permitted by Bangladesh Bank as a Payment System Operator (PSO). Developed by a global technology solution provider Optimum Solution and Services Ltd. (OSSL), EPS aims to provide Fintech solutions for all financial Institutions.

Customers from all financial platforms can use EPS. The aim is to serve users with the ease of Digital Payment including Payment Gateway, Bill Payment, Mobile Recharge etc.

Our Vision is to provide a financial ecosystem to its users so that they are capable of connecting multiple accounts and manage all kinds of transactions accordingly. And that is why the main theme of EPS has been determined- Easy Solution for All Transactions.

The Inception Story

EPS was born under the supervision and support of A2I and Bangladesh Bank, and finally got its approval to run as a Payment System Operator (PSO) after the successful completion of the piloting phase. EPS is developed by a global technology solution provider. Having a customer base in Bangladesh and different continents, it is emerging as one of the fastest growing technology solution providers. The inception story of EPS also strengthens its backbone.

EPS strives to make digital transactions effortless by enabling mass people with an easy and instant payment system.


To create a brand that adds value to the digital financial ecosystem.


To minimize the barriers of digital transactions, and support financial institutions by facilitating their customers/clients with digital payment services.


Board of Directors


Board of Directors