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Md. Shah Alam

Managing Director

Optimum Solutions and Services Limited (OSSL)

Mr. Md Shah Alam is the Managing Director of ‘Optimum Solutions and Services Limited (OSSL).’ He is one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated visionaries of OSSL.

Md Shah Alam holds over 15 years of expertise in the fields of information technology, software, automation, networking and mobile telecommunications, and project management. He has worked for a number of global corporations, including Orascom Telecom (Banglalink), Motorola, NCell, ONS Inc., and others. Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Turkey are among the nations where he has worked. He worked for ONS Inc as a Regional Head in the Asia-Pacific region and as the Country Manager of the ONS Bangladesh Branch Office.

Md Shah Alam earned his bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and his master's degree in Communication and Information Technology (CIT) from the University of Bremen in Bremen, Germany.